Welcome to The Watertank Cleaning Company NSW

Are you experiencing problems with smelly, dirty, discoloured or bad tasting water?

Does your water supply system need to be upgraded to comply with NSW health regulations?

You have came to the right place. The WTCC NSW is here to help.

Let us SAVE you - TIME,  MONEY & WATER !

TIME – by cleaning your tank quickly and easily using our unique vacuum system

MONEY – by reducing wear and tear on your pumps and filters by removing the cause ( sediment from the base of your watertank )

WATER – we don’t empty your tank as we only use a small portion of the water to remove the sediment.   


Anyone who has a Water Tank wants the cleanest water possible.

But we all know our watertanks catch a lot more than just H2O - and this can greatly reduce the quality of your water.Your tank could have any number of problems and you may not even know about it , as it could all be hiding on the bottom of your tank 

Decaying leaf matter, gum blossoms, dust particles, dead insects, reptiles, birds or rodents ( plus their droppings!) lichen or algae, smoke/ash and flaking paint off a deteriorating roof - and that's just to start with 
Gone are the days when you get into a water tank with a shovel , bucket and sponge 
The Watertank Cleaning Company NSW have a specialised and unique industrial system which vacuums the water tank ,
removing the sediment without stirring it up and as a result uses minimal water - ensuring you are left with the cleanest H2O available 
Hey - we all want beautiful clean rainwater from our tanks the way nature intended it - clear and fresh 
For peace of mind don't wait till your tank is empty - get your tank cleaned, today 


Why Clean Regularly ?

Regular Maintenance is essential...

NSW Health Guidelines stipulate your watertank should be inspected regularly and cleaned every 2 - 3 years!
The Watertank Cleaning Company NSW
can assist you with everything required to ensure your water tank and system is well maintained, clean and healthy.
Talk to us about our ongoing maintenance program for inspections and complete rain water systems

Areas We Service

The Watertank Cleaning Company NSW currently services an area within a 4 hour radius of Sydney.

Do you live outside this area ? Don't worry ! We know this service is important to everyone who owns a water tank - so give us a call and we can discuss our regional options with you.  

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Our Unique system !

Custom Designed Vacuum System

The Watertank Cleaning Company NSW use a uniquely designed vacuum system which took over 5 years of engineering to perfect. This specifically designed , purpose built system vacuums your water tank quickly and cleanly with minimal water loss - no other system works better. Which means you keep your precious water for what is was designed for - You , your family and your property ! 

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